The Impressed Or Horrified Story

the legends


Impressed-Or-Horrified was founded with the aim of making the arduous process of sending your greeting cards that much more enjoyable. We create cards with one goal in mind and that is simply to “Impress” or “Horrify” the recipient...these cards and their greetings come from the heart and we aim to help our customers make that perfect statement in delivering a card that eloquently sums up your well wishes in just a few words....albeit often offensive and inappropriate. 

Founded by friends who don’t take life too seriously, we are constantly looking to build on our collections and stay relevant. We hope to have all bases covered but customer interaction is key and if we don’t quite have that insult or those special words on one of our cards just let us know...we will print anything and everything.

Making “cool cards for cool people” is what we do and the question you should always ask your loved ones when receiving a card from the Impressed-or-Horrified collection should simply be....”Impressed” or “Horrified”?


Oh, and here's our jingle.